About us

Inmaculada Coffee Farms Specialty Coffee Colombian Coffee

In 2010, we, the Holguin family, after long years of experience in the agriculture field, have decided to embark in a coffee journey. For more than 80 years we have been involved in sugar cane in the region of Valle del Cauca and Palm oil trees in the region of Nariño for around 30 years.

Only 20 minutes away from Cali, in a small town called Pichindé located in the Andes mountains, we have decided to make use of an untouched forest we always had in our family farm. The location was perfect to grow coffee; weather, altitude, rainfall etc… We started with 5.12 hectares and today, 9 years later, we have around 50 hectares of which 30 are planted and the rest is kept as natural forest.

These 50 hectares are divided into four different farms located in the same region but in different areas thus having different climate conditions (Altitude, humidity, rainfall etc…) Those farms are El Jardin, Las Nubes, Monserrat and Inmaculada Concepcion. In those farms are planted some of the rarest and most special coffees like Rume Sudan, Eugenoides, Laurina, Gesha, Maragesha and so on.

In 2013, Intelligentsia saw so much potential that they decided to launch a special event in Chicago. An event was held in one of their coffee shops in February of 2014 for anyone who wanted to attend that included a presentation with open questions and tasting of three varities: Laurina, Marageisha and Sudan Rume. After that day we were able to open up to other countries like UK, Australia, Japan, Korea and much more.

Today, after 9 years of hard work, we are expanding our production line and experimenting in new areas of specialty coffees to bring to all the coffee lovers around the world (including Colombia off course) something that will make them fall in love.