fellows’ program


Direct benefits

  • harvest

    Inmaculada sets criteria on the picking process so we give bonuses on the ripen cherries letting the average balance between 15-25% above the market price depending on the quality our fellows pick.

  • transport

    Reduction on transport cost by picking coffee directly at source.

  • Coffee processing

    Wet station cost eliminated because Inmaculada does this process.

  • drying

    Drying process eliminated reducing the time to get the cash flow.

  • Product recognition

    International customers recognition with all the traceability of origin and farms.



  • classification

    Floating, separating greens leaves and stones.

  • Hand sort

    Hand picking to separate non optimal state of ripeness, greens, dried and unripped.

  • fermentation

    Natural processed Anaerobic carbonic maceration to standardize the profile.

  • drying

    Parabolic natural drying on average 15 days in 3 stages (Pre Drying- Stabilizing-Drying) using greenhouses to take advantage of sunlight and keep bean temperature below 40 degrees.

  • Quality control

    Every Storage Keep unit is cupped to assure profile and score.

  • warehouse

    Coffee is stored at optimal conditions to preserve quality: * Grainpro+bags * Below 40% humidity * 20-25 degrees °C.

  • Milling & packing

    coffe is milled in house as natural then vacum packed in 24kg boxes to facilitate stacking and preserve quality.

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