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    Our special varieties are the essence of Inmaculada Coffee Farms.

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    We’ve teamed up with some coffee growers in Cauca, a rewarding program we’ve created for the hard working traditional coffee growers.

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The story of Inmaculada Coffee Farms begins with the Holguín-Ramos family and its long history in the sugar cane and oil palm industry, and decided in 2010 to venture into a specialty coffee project in order to give back to the community and to the environment of pichindé more than nine decades of affection and affection; This is how "Immaculate Coffee
Farms" was born.


    Fellows’ farms is an Inmaculada Coffee Farms project inspired and aimed to improve farmers quality of life.


    Our natural sanctuary presents unparalleled conditions so that our crops can be produced in harmony with the nature that surrounds it.

  • Exotic varieties

    We are recognized worldwide for producing some of the best coffees in the world. They stand out for their elegant, soft, and exotic flavors.

  • 100% COLOMBIAN

    Our plantations are located in the heart of the Andes mountains in the village of Pichindé, Cali. Surrounded by the beauty of the Farallones Natural Park.



  • classification

    Floating, separating greens leaves and stones.

  • Hand sort

    Hand picking to separate non optimal state of ripeness, greens, dried and unripped.

  • fermentation

    Natural processed Anaerobic carbonic maceration to standardize the profile.

  • drying

    Parabolic natural drying on average 15 days in 3 stages using greenhouses to take advantage of sunlight.

  • Quality control

    Every Storage Keep unit is cupped to assure profile and score.

  • warehouse

    Coffee is stored at optimal conditions to preserve quality.

  • milling & packing

    Coffe is milled in house as natural then vacuum packed in 24kg boxes to facilitate stacking and preserve quality.


    The Eugenioides variety is a medium tree with small leafs and beans.

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    The Geisha tree or Abisinian is known to be a high and rarefied plant; its leaves are oblong and narrow. The cherries and seeds are known to be big and can be easily recognized.

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  • Sudan rumé

    The Sudan Rume tree is a tall tree with a Cup Quality characteristic.

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  • laurina

    The Laurina tree is distinguished by its long and pointy beans that vary from 12 to 15 inches. The tree is an icon Christmas tree like shape with massive concentrated leafs and the beans usually grow from the inside and can barely be seen. It’s height can go up to 2,2 meters.

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Fellows’ farm


In 2022, after meeting with amazing people from the Cauca Region, we have decided to create a new program that benefits both parties. Today many small coffee farmers benefits from higher prices and better conditions thanks to this alliance.