Our Community

Did you know that over 30 families from Pichindé and other small villages work with us? There are many ways to be sustainable, you can be sustainable to the environment , to your community and also as a business. To us, there’s not one without the other. At Inmaculada we work hard to make sure that we are being kind to our community. Our hats off for the hard working people that make all of this possible. This is one of those things that make us very proud to be part of Inmaculada Coffee Farms. At Inmaculada Coffee Farms not a day goes by without a smile on our faces. Why? Because we love what we do, and most of all,...

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Where To Find Us

Look up where you can get our coffees. (Pss, if you click the names you will go to their Instagram)    Australia Langdon Coffee Merchants D Train Coffee Norm Core Coffee Terroir Laboratory New Wav Coffee Seek Coffee   Germany Blackbird Coffee Schoen Kaffee Five Elephant   United Kingdom Bailies Coffee    Italy Scientifico Coffee   China Canasto Coffee Peer Coffee Roasters   Colombia Colibrí Mountain Coffee Krost Bakery Cali Café Inmaculada (our own)    United States Alert Coffee Coffee Project NY Yellow Rooster Coffee Eastlick Coffee Elevation Coffee Resident Onyx Coffee    

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"I Tasted The Best Coffee I Ever Had. Ever." - Sprudge

  Roasted by Colo Coffee in Bogota, Colombia, this Eugenioides species microlot from Colo’s Ancestros series (a series of coffees highlighting rare heirloom varieties native to Colombia) tasted like a berry fruit juice BOMB. Jamil Hallasso Holguin of Café Inmaculada, the producer of this coffee, happily poured me a second cup while we talked about its juicy, sweet characteristics. It was a wonderful example of the duality of countries that are producing and consuming. They know better than anyone how their coffees should taste! Sprudge Article

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